Almost here

Happy Yule! Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is the longest night of the year, the shortest day of the year. After today  the days slowly start getting longer and longer. The nights, shorter and shorter.  I love the gradual lengthening of days.  – The “hey mom! It’s 6:00 and still light out!” comments from Jaia as we drive to or from dance. It makes it easier to be out later and later.  I have been enjoying though – staring up at the gorgeous night sky each evening as I take the dogs out for one last pee.

Our tree is upimg_2655

with a few presents underneath. I am 99.5% done shopping – just one more thing for my husband and meal items for Sunday’s brunch and dinner.

By tradition – I wrap ALL  the girls’ gifts on christmas eve while they are sleeping and then put them under the tree. We actually “color code” the presents – each girl gets to pick out one wrapping paper and ALL of their presents are wrapped in that paper. We do the same for my husband and I, but we are using last years paper. Mine is the black and white snowflake -my hubbies – the dear.

When they wake – there are “tons” of presents under the tree. We are doing a looser following of want, need, momma made and read this year. There are some wants,a need or two grown in there,  a few reads, and  momma always makes something – but I kinda just bought for a change:)

Saturday I spent (I kid you not) 5 hours shopping thrift stores for overalls! Jaia has been asking for these for weeks so I thought I’d surprise her on christmas with a pair. Well –  I had no luck thrifting so off to the mall I went. I finally found 2 pair at forever21 – A store I am not overly fond of because of all their mass marketed, cheaply made,  clothes – but overalls she wanted so overalls she’s getting.

Rowan’s momma made gift is in the works and Jaia’s only needs elastic. Books have been purchased and I really cannot wait to see their faces on christmas morning! It’s been hard keeping my mouth shut this year 🙂

I finished my table top project and am super proud of how it turned out!


I don’t know if I’ll ever make a full size quilt – or at least quilt a full size quilt – but these smaller guys are just perfect! I have a few gift ideas in the works for people!

Hope your days leading up to christmas(or Hanukkah) are going smoothly!

Bright Blessings!

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