Christmas 2016

Well, christmas 2016 is now done and over with – behind us for another year 🙂 The tree is still standing for now – soon it will become a critter home behind the shed for a while – the music is still playing simply because I haven’t changed my spotify play list yet –


I believe everyone had a great day – Rowan got her rat palace that she’d been eying. 5 feet tall, I kid you not, and a really neat saddle pad!  Jaia got everything she didn’t know she wanted (but I had listened for months), chuck high tops (glittery no less), overalls (2 pair!) and the most awesome pair of unicorn slippers from her big sister –

Homemade cinnamon rolls were had by all for christmas breakfast  –


Pretty darn tasty if you ask me – I let everyone add their icing as needed 🙂

The day ended with some fabulous pot roast and garlic mashed potatoes for dinner, made by my really cool daughter – Rowan –  no pictures because – i was totally too engrossed in EATING to stop!

Earlier in the week I’d received some nifty gifts from co-workers! Banana bread and a fun wooden game from one – pin cushion jar with goodies from the owners and an ornament (which was already on the tree) and soap from another! I’d forgotten how much fun it is to have co-workers! The cookies are from a neighbor down the street – years ago, when jaia was just a tiny one – she would hand make cards for some of our immediate neighbors and pass them out (she’s been doing it ever year since – 8 years!)  – these cookies are the result – She also gave the mail lady a card and some homemade hot chocolate – which I think really made the woman’s day. She gave us a card in return and happened to catch me one day and thanked me! she was so impressed with Jaia 🙂

Bundt cake for dessert!


From the Beekman 1802 heirloom desserts  cookbook – YUM!

Yesterday was totally a day of rest – nothing got done.

whew! End of the year is rough I tell ya!

Bright Blessings and I hope everyone’s holiday was just as pleasant and wonderful as ours!

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