Happy 2017! I really cannot believe it’s 2017!!! Oh so many years ago when I was 10 (in 1986)!! this all seemed so far away and such an impossibility –

I had different dreams for my life back then – 10 year old dreams – none of them are what I imagined – but I would change only a few things –

I have tons of NEW plans for this coming year – sewing plans, plans to get healthy etc… Can’t wait to share them all with you!

New Year’s eve was a laid back affaire – We ate out an early birthday meal for my hubby – who’s birthday is Jan 1st and historically all the good local restaurants are closed! So we go out the 31st instead –

He chose an awesome smoked meat place on the Delmar Loop called Salt and Smoke – yum!

Those hushpuppies and toasted ravs are to die for!


Insomnia Cookies for the drive home … and birthday table set up for birthday morning! Coffee cake made by his mom –


Sunday brought the flu (or something very very close to the flu) for my husband  – Rowan woke up with it this morning and so far Jaia and I are warding it off with massive doses of elderflower tincture, thieves and oregano oil and turmeric tea!

Keep your fingers crossed it skips us!

Bright Blessings!


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