goodness me

Oh my – the first 10 days of 2017 have already gone buy in a blur of birthday,  work and the flu (or flu like whatever) – but we are finally on the mend – all of us feeling so much better and back to our daily flow of life. Work for me, school, work for Row, barn, college ! (Rowan starts in one week!), school, dance and yoga!

Jaia is super excited to start back dance this year – determined, I say, to move up to PC and leave this Prizewinner position behind. Keep your fingers crossed – her first feis is in February!

We finally started school back this week , the flu (whatever) knocked our start date back by a week – and we discovered the library is missing the history book we need to continue,  the historical fiction book jaia was reading repeated 30 pages all the while missing 30 pages and we are having to backtrack slightly in math. BUT this is why we homeschool yes!?  Books are on order from both the library and Amazon and some new math help is on its way!

I’ve renewed my determination to grow, grow, grow this year ! To Take Time for myself – help my children along their paths and make this a life worth having fun with!

What are your new year’s resolutions?

Bright Blessings



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