Thursday morning

This morning I’m enjoying school and breakfast out with this cutie –

Yesterday was a busy day for me – so much so that I left the house at 8:15 AM and did not get back home until 4:30 – just in time to leave once again to take Jaia to dance. Jaia spent the day doing schoolwork at home – SO to make up for the housebound day for my  – not so introvert girl – I skipped yoga this morning to take her to do school work at Panera Bread (Or the St. Louis Bread Co for us locals).  She’s having a great time listening to music and working on math and science  – maybe we’ll make this a weekly thing …….

Monday I finished the Pool Side Tote bag by Noodlehead –

I think I’m in love –


I can’t wait to sit on the beach or by the pool with my tote!   I have my books picked out  (until next week anyway – when I’ll change my mind and choose new books)  and the sunscreen is located and ready to be packed as well!  We are off in a few days for our annual trip to Cancun – Not someplace where I would personally choose to pay to go to – but when it’s being paid for by someone else – then you go! It’s our 4th year going and  we’ve begun to look forward to the club trips and actually cannot wait to get away for a few days this winter.

While we are away – Jaia will be attending her very first “school” dance – a winter “Superhero” themed dance held by our local homeschool group – I’m bummed to miss her first dance but I know my friend will be taking lots of pictures and she’ll have a great time!

We are off now to the fabric store – I’m sewing a dress for the dance! OIY!

bright blessings


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