Treating myself

Every Tuesday Rowan and I go to the Chiropractor. And then every Tuesday after the Chiro, Rowan and I hit the coffee shop just down a ways from the chiro for tea, coffee, a sweet or Italian Soda (for R) –

This past Tuesday we stopped in a cute, local store next to the coffee shop to browse. There were quite a few kitschy items, jewelry, embroidered baby things – but the one thing that caught my eye was this –

It’s a Raku Dream Jar – meant for you to put your dreams in (written on a piece of paper) and they will come “true” –

If you’re not sure what Raku is – here’s an explanation from Wikipedia –

I thought it was a beautiful piece and decided to treat myself for my upcoming birthday! And the stone piece on top is Amethyst – my birth month stone – so it called to me on so many levels…

(I also bought a few new patterns  – Don’t tell anyone! LOL! My husband buys books – I buy patterns and fabric. )


I can’t wait to make them!

How do you treat yourself??

Bright Blessings!

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