Oh dear  – this past week was rough. We all fell prey to yet another virus which hit Jaia super hard. She had a mid grade fever for 6 days!  She missed 3 dance classes and her private lesson much to her chagrin – especially since this weekend there is a double feis here in St. Louis.

My birthday (41!!) also passed in quite fashion this year – hubby was out of town, jaia sick on the sofa  and I spent the day at work. Which was actually a relaxing break from sick care for a few hours. (I know you’ll all be concerned – at this point jaia just had the head cold portion and was fine with me heading to work for a few hours – a fever would have kept me home) . I held a pity party in my head.

However – Rowan did make me lasagna – by request!

and I  stopped by a local bakery for cupcake for myself 🙂 These two, paired with a new to me wine, made up my birthday dinner. The girls and I watched Toy Story (I really enjoy that movie – don’t ask me why!) and called it a night.

I’ve decided though, It’s probably not a good thing when hubby is gone on both my birthday AND valentine’s day – I did a bit of shopping – a new steam mop (on my list), new floor pillows, a new blanket for the bed and new dishes – (they match!)

The color is actually much nicer than what is showing up here!


Most of our dishes come from thrift stores so very few of them match – and plates obviously DON’T match bowls – but I’ve been almost “nesting” lately – NO!! NO BABIES – but my girls are getting older  – our furniture is showing it’s age and I’m craving a nicer, cleaner, dog hair free, more adult house…. Now to just talk hubby into the sofa I want 🙂

I do hope your week passed much healthier than mine did!

Bright Blessings!





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