whew – that weekend is OVER

This past weekend flew by in a blur. Jaia had a double feis here locally, so both Saturday and Sunday were spent in a hotel amongst wigged and bling-ed out girls. (and their parents, and bored siblings, and teachers, and oiy vey!)

I truly wish I could show you more dresses – some of them are quiet elaborate with their embroidery and their bling.  But alas! It’s not appropriate to take pictures of random girls in their solo dresses 😉

Jaia did an OKAY job this weekend. I had to remind her (and myself) that she was just coming back from being sick and feverish all week and that she’d only made it to ONE dance class before this weekend.    She danced 4 dances each day and both days she placed 6th in 2 dances and maybe 8th or 9th? in the other 2 – So I told her we’d add in another feis 🙂 April feis here we come!

I was proud of her for the effort she’d put in this weekend!

Sunday we were finished with the feis early enough that the hubby and I hiked it to IKEA since their mattresses were on sale for family card members – and BOTH girls ended getting new mattresses!  (had to get some adulting in this weekend!)


All rolled up like carpets – They popped open into full sized mats once the straps were removed – The girls were extremely happy with their beds. They had both been sleeping on Futon mattresses which  – you may or may not know – get super flat in the center the longer you have them.  Anyone know how to get rid of old, unwanted, futons? My last choice is to toss them 😦

And I started another sewing project for the shop! (more on that another day)


I do hope your weekends flew by uneventfully! Or full of exciting events!

Bright Blessings –


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