An Adorable Little Dress

I work in a quilting shop, filled with women who quilt, who are AMAZING at what they do, and whom I look upon with envy.

I am the only one that sews clothes. (oh the owners do – but that’s secondary to quilting). So the few times they’ve asked me to sew examples for the shoppe, I’ve jumped on the chance.  Circle skirts, easy skirts, pj pants, and now the cutest little dress using the pattern being sold in the shop.

I also agree with a TON of hesitation. Am I really GOOD ENOUGH  to sew something, to actually put into the world something I’ve sewn for all to critique?  For all to see the little imperfections of where I’ve fudged something? Because, after all, I am self taught, and might (definitely) do not know all the tricks of the trade?

I am my very own harshest critic.


I made this cute jumper dress and matching leggings to promote that adorable fabric we have in the shoppe. (Size 12 month!)

The dress was easy enough – the binding was only the fourth time I had put binding on ANYthing – but bind it I did! And it turned out pretty darn cute – If I do say so myself..

Pins and wonder clips were my best friends – and slow going…

I do think I’m getting the hang of this binding thing.


The hardest part, after adding the binding, was picking out the coordinating button for the back-

It turned out super super cute!

I wonder what I can sew next for the shoppe?? I have a few projects on the table for me – at least the patterns are picked out, so now all I have to do is choose the fabric….. Another hard thing to do. Working in the fabric shop, I have so many choices!


I can be pleased with how this turned out  – right?

Bright Blessings –

OH! on a side note – hubby and I are participating in a 21 day cleanse together and today is day ONE – Keep your fingers crossed for our sanity! No coffee,  sweets,  carbs,  bread,  dairy etc…. We are strictly mostly vegan for the first 10 days. OIY –

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