Cleanse – day one, two and three

Friday I got on the scale to weigh myself and it was a number xxx.x   🙂

Saturday I got on the scale and weighed myself again and I was three pounds lighter! I thought – WOW! that fiber is really (really) doing the trick!! I bragged to my husband – so HE got on the scale and weighed HIMSELF – It was xxx – and then he got off and got back on.

He was three pounds lighter.

He sucks  –

And I need to buy a better scale apparently.

I’ve been  taking tons of vitamins, drinking two shakes a day, eating veggies (and more) veggies and dinners have been super yummy and delicious and completely meat (and bread) free! We’ve had 3 new vegetarian dished and now have at least 3 more dishes to add to our dinner menu repertoire –

Dinner for day one – roasted mushrooms, sautéed kale with red onion, garlic and tomatoes, and a  baked sweet potato (in the instant pot! 20 minutes!)

Dinner day 2 was curried cauliflower with onions, spinach and carrots  and a side of quinoa, baby tomatoes for extra veg and last night (day 3) we had a kind of ratatouille on spaghetti squash – Totally delicious!

However  – I am still waiting on those weight loss numbers to show up on my shitty scale.

My cravings have been minimal  – I really wanted some dark chocolate last night – however – That second day I was craving ALL the junk foods I don’t normally eat! LOL!

Tomorrow is another day!

Bright Blessings!



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