a quick trip

On a day full of thunderstorm warnings and grey, overcast skies, Jaia and I headed out of the house to Cherokee Street. A fun place here in St. Louis filled with restaurants, antique shops and scores of stores with vintage clothes.   http://cherokeestreetnews.org

My mostly extroverted child gets cabin fever more often than Row or I do, and being home more often than not now, is hard for her.

I called the afternoon “off” and we headed out for a few hours before the rain hit.

Jaia’s favorite store was the store that sold vintage and retro clothes –

She tried on many hats –

And we squeezed in as many shops as we could into the hour we had to have fun –

This dispensing cabinet was awesome and I really was trying to figure out where it would fit in my tiny, 50’s ranch home –

Probably not so much   –

We’ll be heading back on a weekend when all the stores are open – And I’m not on a cleanse so I can eat and enjoy Mexican food, or pizza, or sweets, or coffee………!

On a positive note! We are on day 8 of our cleanse – I’ve gotten used to eating totally vegetarian  and I’ve lost 8 lbs! 10 was my goal and I’m 80% there already with 13 more days of cleanse left to go –

Bright Blessings –

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