A crunchy momma moment

And other stuff ….

Yesterday at work, during  a lull of customers, my boss handed me a can of foaming windex and  some paper towels and asked if I would pretty please wash the windows in the front door.

I had to read the instructions (which I thought hilarious since I am *ahem* 41 years of age and own my own home!)

I have to admit that I don’t use products like “that” – my cleaning supplies are simple  – Thieves oil or Meyer’s cleaning concentrate in a spray bottle  and a washcloth /  water and a cloth from Norwex for windows, and elbow grease. They get the job done and I don’t have nasty chemicals in my house.

But foaming windex and paper towels it was!

Saturday was our St. Pat’s parade – which for Irish Dancers – is a must – We walked in 36 degree weather, with SNOW,  wearing 4 layers and had a blast –

By comparison – Last year we were in shorts, t-shirts, and were slathering on sunscreen!


Pre parade performance –

There’s always a party after and since Jaia and her friend won the dance off last year – they got to judge this year.


They both said that judging was the hardest thing ever and never want to do it again 🙂

This morning we woke to snow –  on March 12 – in St. Louis – which is the running joke her for us “Natives” – wait 10 minutes and the weather will change –

Hope all is well!

Bright Blessing  –

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