I’ve decided I’m tired of our “old” orange and yellowish kitchen walls and plain brown furniture  – So I decide to paint!  🙂 shhhhhh….. Don’t tell my husband!  I can go months with out an itch to make this house nicer but right now? I’m aching to make our home more beautiful – inside and out!


I’ve bought a new “vintage” color French Grey (from sherwin williams) for the kitchen and along with white, at some time (sooner rather than later hopefully) I’ll repaint the walls in my kitchen –  The bottom half under the chair rail grey – the top half – white. But that’s a few weeks away yet…. so.

Meanwhile! I’ve started painting the kitchen table –

(notice the big, white, fluffy dog under there?)


It’s an old table, quite possibly over 100 years old,  – that used to belong to my grandparents. It sat on their “huge” screened-in porch, right in the corner, where the adults would sometimes chat and drink.  Such memories.  I’ve had this table for years, since my grandfather passed away, lugging it around and storing it when we lived in houses to small for it’s 54 inch square top.

I finally pulled it back upstairs to our kitchen when I decided a few years ago, that we needed a much larger table to homeschool at. Each girl on one side and they couldn’t annoy each other.

This huge table can fit 8 fairly comfortably and we’ve used it many times over and hosted many a party and christmas dinner here. Usually with table cloths covering the worn out look of the plywood – seeing as the laminate top and edging was gone long, long ago!

I’ve gotten 2 coats of primer paint on as of right now  –  And I’m loving the look so far!


I’m following the instructions on this website:


Jaia nearly gave me a heart attack Tuesday when I pulled out the sander and the paint.  The first thing Jaia said to me was – what are you doing! You’re going to ruin that table! OIY!

So of course – the entire time I’m sanding, and sanding some more, then painting the table, first coat, then second coat –  I am having second, and third, and forth thoughts. Thinking that I’m ruining the table, that I’ll have to re strip that table to start over.  That I’ll have ruined the table forever more and it will have to be relegated to the basement sewing area where only I will see it.  (but what a lovely, LARGE, sewing table that would have made!)

But It’s looking fantastic and with only the two coats of primer on;  and you simply cannot tell that the top is all plywood and nothing else . I can’t wait to put the final coats on tomorrow!! And then we’ll have a nicer, cleaner, PRETTY, table to eat at.

ALSO  (on a side note) – Jaia danced in one of two performances I was able to sign her up for yesterday –


she’s looking pretty good there!

Hope all is well – Bright Blessings!


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