Cleanse update

Well my husband and  I finished our cleanse! I am and was so proud of the both of us for making that commitment and sticking to the 21 days cleanse!

I lost 10 pounds! My pants fit better and I look nicer and I’m loving the slimmer ME! The change was noticeable and I’ve had several people comment on how much better I look  –

Some things I’ve decided to continue doing now that our cleanse is over.

Protein shakes for breakfast and possibly lunch using hemp or almond milk  –  Or left overs.

Paleo dinners OR veggie/vegan (no pasta) when hubbie is traveling.

Bread products only for “special” occasions – like only enjoying pizza/cake on birthdays for instance.

Nix the cheese most of the time.

Continue to use xylitol and hemp milk or almond milk in my one daily cup of coffee.

In general – nix the crap and continue the eating healthy.

And go to yoga and take care of me. Which, with our hectic, and nutso schedule – I am having a hard time doing.

I’m exploring other classes and yoga studios – which is SUPER hard for me since I am “loyal ” to the one studio I’ve been attending for the past 2 years. BUT I’ve also realized that I am MISSING out on so many other classes that I think I need to broaden my yoga horizons. Try new classes, meet new teachers.  GET OUT THERE!

A few projects are underway here in our humble cottage (sounds SO much better than tiny house doesn’t it?!) Painting, rearranging, new furniture for my sewing area – along with organizing that sewing area – I’ll show pictures another time. And sewing!

I do hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful spring weather that’s happening in the midwest!

Bright Blessings!


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