Cleaning, sewing, organizing…..

I’ve been busy in my sewing area these last few days, sewing, cleaning, rearranging for larger whole house rearranging. Shelves will be moved and kitchen will be painted in the upcoming months/weeks. A new fridge and sofa purchases are looming on the horizon. I’m looking forward to making these changes.

I purchased another bookshelf from Ikea with christmas money I received LAST year as a gift card – think 2015. I assembled it last night and today Jaia and I got to work. –

Organizing fabric (and records!) to clean off the wire shelf that will eventually go up in the kitchen… Loving the changes made to my sewing corner!

It needs brightening up now!

I finally finished the BOX Top pattern I had purchased for myself – and I have to say that I have a love/hate relationship with this pattern. It’s cute, simple, easy to sew BUT oh my goodness is it short! I must have a very long waist or something but from the side I look like I’m pregnant and the hem hits above my waist band – NOT something I look remotely good in.  And if  I raise my arms …..  well  – that’s a WHOLE LOTTA belly that people don’t need to see!

I will either pass this shirt along or take it apart and make something out of it.

If I make it again – I’ll be adding at least 4 inches, if not more, to the length.

Bright Blessings!


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