taking time

I was sitting in the lobby of Jaia’s dance class  last evening – and I came to the realization that that 1 1/2 to 2 hours several days a week, MAY BE the only amount of uninterrupted time that I have to sit, organize my thoughts and blog.  The library is only 7 minutes away if the clicks and bangs of hardshoes gets too loud and/or irritating; and starbuckles is a jog down the street in the other direction.

(also! Soon it will also be warm enough to bring my bicycle once again to ride in the evenings!)

I’m extremely disappointed in my box top shirt.  I’m attempting to shave some inches off the side of the pattern and lengthen it before I attempt to make another one – I’m disappointed that I wasted 2 yards of awesome fabric to make a top that looks horrible on me – Lesson learned – make a mock up first. Thankfully I have a ton of mismatched top sheets destined for goodwill that I can cut up, and I will have to repurpose that fabric for another project. It’s in a large enough piece I can use it to make bags or zipper pouches or something along those lines.

IMG_3322 (1)

My sewing room is coming along nicely – It will never be the room I imagine when I think of a sewing room – lots of light, windows, airy, you know – the ones you see in magazines. My room is in the basement after all –

IMG_3355 (1)

BUT – I have an awesome new shelf and my table now boasts room for my tabletop ironing board and iron!

And hey! I have a place dedicated to SEWING  – so I really “shouldn’t” complain should I? But really – more lighting would help too.

Since my shirt was a flop – I’d decided to trace off and cut out a pair of pajama pants for myself this afternoon, using the new book  on the right –  Love at First Stitch – that I treated myself to last week. Also Gertie Sews to sew things for Jaia  – because – vintage style!

I discovered I didn’t have enough fabric –

Down 2 for 2 so far.

So I started cutting out 5 inch squares to make my very first quilt – I can see where this can lead to serious addiction  –  and also frustrating and annoyance cutting out the same. piece. 500. times. in a row.

But I did it and I started laying it out to get an idea of how I want the pieces to go. (like the kettle bell in the corner there? – the basement also doubles as the yoga/exercise/library/crap collector area – and I’ve been swinging that kettle bell periodically as I sew)

It will be cute!

And oh my gosh – check out the adorable shoes I found while shopping with Jaia and her friend the other day!

IMG_3348 (3)

Can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear them!

Bright Blessings!

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