Sunday afternoon, jaia and I escaped household rearranging to spend sometime thrift store shopping with my mom and sister. We had a nice break between moving books, shelves, pots and pans and I, of course, found a few goodies I needed to bring home –

Vintage fabric (of course) and I’m in love with this style of pot/pan/dish – Dansk – is says on the bottom. My collection is growing 🙂   To clarify! The red and yellow are Dansk – that fabulous soup pot that’s yellow and white – Dansk “like”.

A new 20’s record –  (next to the vintage fabric!)


I love to listen to swing music so while I sew I like to have a nice section of records to listen to. I’m pleased to say that Jaia is picking up my ejnoyment of swing!

We spent most of the day on Friday and ALL day Saturday making the house loverly – so we needed this outing!

Kitchen before, Jaia and I attempting to maneuver that shelf upstairs – (fyi – it didn’t work, we had to take it apart!), and almost – but not quite! finished kitchen shelf.  It still needs tidying up and PAINT needs to happen in that kitchen!

We moved shelves in the LR too –

Don’t mind the mess – It’s a work in progress – these were in the basement, but I felt they needed to be up stairs to give us a more open feel to the room.  Art work is needed for the wall and some sort of cute knick knack shelf. New sofas and carpet are on the list of future purchases –

And today! Today my baby is 14!!!!

Before, during, and aftermath of breakfast gift unwrapping. Lounging on the sofa watching the “Rory Birthday Party episode” of the Gilmore girls as instructed by a good friend.

I’m having a hard time processing this.

Bright Blessings


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