This past weekend, we took a road trip up to KC for a feis. The “Sunflower” feis to be exact. We carpooled with some friends and ended up having a great time! Friday we went early enough to spend a few hours at the zoo in Swope Park. I was talked into riding in the ski lift over the top of part of the zoo.  I didn’t take any pictures of that portion, because knowing my luck, I would have dropped my phone and some antelope would have galloped off with it.

Friday night I grabbed a few pizzas and invited some of jaia’s dance friends to our hotel for a mini “surprise” party (but apparently someone had already spilled the beans!)

Saturday morning jaia and I were still up bright and early to feis – but headed over to the venue about 10.

Trying to get a nice picture of that girl in her dress is such an ordeal. Oiy.


Feis buddies.

We drove home after the feis- but tradition first is to stop for ice-cream before we head out. We found a great gelato place nearby and some cute shopping stores as well! (I treated myself of course!) That’s a LONG weekend to be out and about and ON all the time. I deserved this cute top and necklace I purchased 😉

Coffee stop before the 4 hour car ride home.

Chatting,  “oh mom!”, oiy –

Funny girls.

Jaia looked wonderful this weekend – but unfortunalty did NOT get any of the firsts she needs to move up to PC. Her friend there did however, so that means we won’t be competing against her anymore. However – she did get a second and  a third so that was awesome!

Next feis in a month!

Bright Blessings


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