Oh April

April has been one for the books – either one to remember or one to forget  – quickly. May will be here soon right?

April started off with a wonderful bang – The girls turned 14 and 19. Dinners for both were what was requested and both received things they wanted. My girls both drive me nuts and make me oh so proud of them each and every day.  They can be both super amazing young women and in a heart beat, typical, frustrating teenagers.

A week later however, Jaia and I were on our way home from a friends house and had just pulled up to a stop sign, exiting the highway, when we were rear-ended. The impacted turned my Kia Sorento almost 180 degrees.  I’m convinced that if we’d been in a smaller car – our story would be different right about now.

We processed information with the police and Jaia and I limped home in our beaten catbus.

It’s been a bumpy road since then. I’d just finished 12 weeks of chiropractic care and now I’m back for another 18 (twice a week for 6) and Jaia is too now (same time frame). I can feel the strain, the pulling,  the discomfort that was not there before the accident. It’s harder for me to stand the 4 hours at work and moving things even somewhat heavy causes my back to feel low level pain for hours. (I tried pushing a small dresser into the kitchen last night). Yoga is out for me for a while now and I haven’t  even ask if I should swing that kettle bell.  For the first week, driving any length of distance caused my back and hips hurt so much it felt like it was almost burning. Even sitting is causing discomfort.  And I’m exhausted all the time.

And now to top that off – we all have head colds.

Please May – come quickly!

Things will be back to normal then right?!



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