I finally climbed out of bed this morning after my husband left the house for work. I found I was looking forward to a quite, calm morning since he was away for a change. I’ve needed a quite morning for a while now  and I didn’t realize it until the moment he stepped away. He’s usually home and the TV is usually on and there’s no peace, no quiet. It was a brief quiet moment before children and pets demanded attention – but at least the television was off and quiet reigned for this Thursday.

I find that I’m out of sorts lately – Not my normal self.  Busy and not able to find me time anywhere and seriously hitting a wall.

I’m unmotivated although I have tons of ideas and plans. I don’t know how to just get it done and do what I want or need.  I’m behind on so many things.  The bickering and arguing with my girls is starting to wear me thin.

It’s been raining for days and although I normally love rain – I’m done with the cold, wet, rain we’ve been having. I need some sun, some warmth some time with open windows and fresh breeze flowing through my house.

I need a respite, a break, some sun.

This too, will pass, yes?





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