June 13th

It took exactly, well almost, 24 hours after our guests left last week for our house to return to its normal messy state. Clothes on the back of the sofa to be folded. Clothes on the floor. Kitchen table filled with things that have other homes but no one can seem to put away. I’m working on this chaos – it makes the house feel unhappy and bogged down.

ON top of that –

Yesterday we finally got the last of our two big purchases – a new fridge and a new dryer. The dryer died the day all the guys came for the weekend so I’ve been using the drying rack outside ( I don’t mind at all though) and a new fridge because ours came with the house and was probably 20 years old.

Imagine THAT chaos – food in coolers and everything from the hutch displaced because we had to put the fridge in a different corner than it originally was. (small galley kitchen + bigger fridge = mess)

The delivery guy for the dryer (best buy)  was an ass – BUT the guys delivering the fridge (from Lowes) were phenomenal!

Last week – after the guys left but before Jaia and I left for a feis – I worked a bit on pants. Yes, sewing pants. Cigarette pants to be exact- I needed practice because of zippers. Invisible zippers.  I used this pattern from Gertie –

I’ve never actually inserted an invisible zipper in pants before – in pouches – YES.  On tote bags for pockets – YES –  But this was a new adventure for me  –

And pockets too!


Cigarette pants! I still need to add the waist band  – but don’t they look awesome! I’m so pleased – (Ignore the ugly fabric – it used to be my kitchen curtain material before painting my kitchen – but I needed muslin!)

I may need to make another pair –

Bright Blessings –

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