June 20

I’ve realized that the perfect blogging time for me is first thing in the morning. When the house is silent and still and the children (young adults really) are still asleep or in bed reading and haven’t braved the sunlight to annoy me yet. Even though I’ve made this discovery – that doesn’t make things easier – because it also means I need to crawl out of bed before 7 –

goals –  people – GOALS

I made it to yoga yesterday for the first time in 8 weeks – the first time I’ve felt comfortable enough since “the accident” to go back to class –

And it was perfect and wonderful and now I need to go EVERY DAY of course.


Oh but now I hurt! OIY – but also happy to know I haven’t completely “lost” the ability to do some of those yoga poses.

Last week I made Jaia a pair of “cigarette” pants – they are from the Gertie Sews Vintage Causal book and they are spectacularly awesome  –

It was my first attempt at zippers other than in zipper pouches and pockets other than the ones sewn onto zipper pouches –

Both turned out! To my happy surprise – with NO issues whatsoever.

Dog Love –

The little one thinks this is the PERFECT place for a nap and will snag this cozy spot anytime you are laying down.


I think she likes em…….

Anything on your sewing table?

Bright Blessings!

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