Antique Mall Collections

Sunday afternoon, Jaia and I headed over to the local antique mall to kill some time, get out of the house, have some fun, and in all honesty –  waste a few hours. We were tired of being homebound…

We wandered around, saw lots of neat and interesting things, but what caught my eye, was the amount of collections there were in peoples booths, and I wondered if that’s how they decided they needed to have a booth to begin with.

LITTLE alcohol bottles – (really??)


White glass ware/perfume bottles  – I’m sure this has some sort of name…..

Ceramic bears,  piggy banks and pigs.

DOLLS – oh the freaky dolls – especially this one – —


I think there must be a horror movie based on this doll somewhere in the world….

Clocks and hand bells –


Glass dinner and serving ware –


Vintage eye cups – which I found quite interesting because I had never actually seen one “in person”. I almost bought one because we have had a few eye issues over here  – but I nixed that idea fairly quickly…. well maybe —

Jaia and I had a  fun time, meandering through the stalls Sunday afternoon  – I did end up with a few records and a new vintage pattern for J, which I hope to start on soon…. I’ve been craving out at least 30 minutes a day for sewing! Very cathartic!

Bright Blessings – I hope you’re staying cool this hot, hot, June!



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