Shopping with J

Jaia is my out and about girl. She loves to be out and  busy, shopping preferably, but definitely out DOING something. June was still fairly busy for us, finishing up schoolwork and with dance still going on and what not –  there was not really enough time left to fit in anything  substantial as far as outings go, but we did manage to hit the neatest vintage shop here in St. Louis.

It is called the Vintage Haberdashery. We wandered around the small shop for a good hour or so while Jaia tried on various pants of the 80’s! (I probably had a pair or two of those) and a few hats.

She ended up with that navy blue boater hat –


Which she proudly wore the next day while we to some grocery store and the chiropractors office –


My girls make me happy –

and I’m kicking myself for not getting the most fabulous Mahjong bracelet…… Maybe we’ll have to go back.

Bright blessings –


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