Shorts for J (and my niece)

Last week the quilt shop I work for asked me  to make a sample pair of shorts to showcase the  adorable new emoji fabric that had just arrived  and of course  I jumped at the chance!


I used polka dot grunge to make the binding and the waist band with.  I think they turned out adorable! Jaia cannot wait to wear them! BUT! they’ll hang here in the shop first for a few weeks. She was slightly bummed she couldn’t wear them “just once” before they ended up on display –

Of course I used Purl Soho’s free city gym shorts pattern, because why not??

And  since I was making Jaia a pair, I though my niece, young F might like a few pairs too! We’d missed her birthday by 3 weeks so I was feeling a tad guilty anyway – I quickly whipped up a few pairs, grabbed a super cute book and mailed off a quick little package to her.  Purple polka dot grunge since I’d heard purple was her FAVORITE color – and this fish fabric I’d been eyeing in the shop for months now.


And apparently American Girl has Wellie Wisher books now – so that’s what my newly turned 7 niece received.

Today is the 3rd of July! and we have some “hiking” planned for this afternoon!

What are your plans for this week??

Bright Blessings!

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