Busy, busy weekends

The past two weekends have been all about feis fun for us. Jaia is determined to get the 3 first place placements she needs to move up to PC and join all of her friends.

Last weekend we traveled to Wisconsin for a “double feis” weekend – two dance competitions back to back.

That particular feis was a new one for us – held in an ice-skating rink center-

It was cold. cold. cold. cold. BUT we were told to come prepared. Jackets, blankets etc.. I wore SOCKS people. I hate socks in the summer. But by the end of the day, both days, I was so happy I had thought to pack socks and tennis shoes.

It was a long, cold, two days –

Yes – that is a soda – we normally don’t do a lot of  sodas, but Sunday afternoon she was dragging so much that she needed the sugar/caffeine boost.

She didn’t get her placements at this particular feis – although she dances a good dance and pulled off 3 second places!

HOWEVER – This happened just this past weekend –


Two out of the 3 needed on Saturday!!! She was soooo very happy and excited. She still needs to place in one last dance in order to move up to the next level – but she’s even more determined now that a few of her other friends have gotten their placements and are moving up at the end of the month  – moving up means new dance class times, new dance steps and a whole new area of competition.  She does not want to be left behind.

It’s time for the move – she danced so beautifully this weekend.

This week is calmer, less organized – time to start planning the upcoming school year and to fit in sewing and yoga once again!

Hope all is well – Bright Blessings


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