for a short time – a quiet house

The house is wonderfully quite this morning as I sit and type. It’s been ages since I’ve had a morning of peace to sit for a while before the craziness of our days start. Hubby is usually the first one up each morning, so the TV is on ALL the time.

I wish I could bottle this peace up and save it for those times I need some calm.

I have been lucky enough to have a few moments of peace this week  – Rowan was doing some volunteer work so I took the opportunity so sit and read. (and also do some hand work)


“Pride and Prejudice” from the view of the servants “down below”.  The weather was perfect this week – to sit by the river and read for a change.

This week I also…..

– took Jaia school supply shopping. For a homeschooled child – this one certainly DOES love her school supplies – I had told her weeks ago – as an incentive/reward/bribery tool??   that if and when she reaches her “first place” goals, I would take her school supply shopping – WITHOUT WAITING FOR EVERYTHING TO BE ON CLEARANCE!

Usually we wait until schools are back in session before we go …. But —–

Just look at that smile – She kills me.

AND went to see Kiki’s Delivery service on the big screen!

It was awesome –

I cannot wait for schools to be back in. Life quiets down for us somewhat.  But it’s also the time I like to do more field trips – there are no huge crowds, no packs of children running around. It’s slightly cooler –

We have a bucket list!

We’re off today on our annual family fun day at the amusement park – yay!

Bright Blessings –



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