Month: August 2017


OH MY GOODNESS! Did you get to watch the eclipse this past Monday?? I had ¬†made sure I had nothing planned that afternoon and my glasses were all ready to go – but at the same time, I was wondering if it was going to live up to all that hype I’d been hearing about […]


New York

So last week I was lucky enough to be able to visit New York with my husband. He had some sort of training to go to and I trailed along – I had never been to New York – although it had made it to my “travel bucket list” (along with London, which I got […]


Rain and solitude

In a few minutes I have to get up and start my day. ¬†Showering, eating and out the door to work. But for the next 5 minutes, the next 10 minutes I am enjoying the solitude of my living room. It’s dark and some would say gloomy in my house this morning. BUT there’s a […]