Little bits

It’s another quiet morning here in our cozy home, with both my husband and oldest away for the AM. I love love these mornings and I get them so rarely now. I blog best during quiet mornings and feel like I need my own little sunny room to sit and meditate and have a morning yoga routine – and blog.  Ahhh – fantasy dreams…..

The past few weeks have gone by in a blur. Jaia had a free film making class at our city Library last week –

It was a love/hate thing – all these “mini” classes seem to teach the same thing over and over again and I cannot seem to find one that goes more in-depth for teens –  And she was one of two girls in the small class paired with a boy who constantly told her that she was “missing the point”.  oiy – learning experiences that we don’t miss while homeschooling.

“Jelly people” and our library lobby that is showcasing WW1 Memorabilia  –

We also made it out to our old barn so J could ride her most favorite horse ever-           (he’s  22?!)

You can certainly see by that smile on her face that she was so very happy. I wish I could just take her there all the time.

I kit you not – She spent the last 30 minutes of our time there  cleaning his tack. I wish I could hand my girls everything – you know?

I’ve been trying to spend a concerted amount of time examine my inner workings  – I have a lot of ideas, plans, hopes, dreams etc and totally just don’t have the motivation to get things going – It’s a depressing state for me to be in and I really don’t like it one bit. I feel stagnate – falling behind in the world.

I’m working on it though – finding new yoga classes is my beginning – After the accident I really stopped going and I need that time for growth – however small it is – I need it.  I need a shake up – I think if I could pick us up and move us I would  – I love St. Louis – I really do – but I’ve been here my entire life and I need more.  Until then I need to make this work though  – right?

SO – I decided – no matter what – that Monday morning Yoga is a must and I’ll fit in other classes when I can –

OIY – Today is a day set aside for sewing – It’s a day I’m claiming for ME – because there are days I just don’t need to run all over the city.

Bright Blessings


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