New York

So last week I was lucky enough to be able to visit New York with my husband. He had some sort of training to go to and I trailed along –

I had never been to New York – although it had made it to my “travel bucket list” (along with London, which I got to travel to in 2016).

It was a short list 🙂

but now that I’ve been to my 2 top (okay ONLY) bucket list cities – I guess it’s time to add more!!

(san francisco maybe?, anywhere in Maine, London, again…..)

I had a list of places I wanted to visit in the 2.5 short days I was there – Mood, Purl Soho, Central Park, Times Square (still not sure what all that hype is about….), the zoo….


Yeah – she was pretty cool. I saw the bull too – but is was this girl standing proud and tall, that caught my attention. I got as close as I could.

I’m pleased to say – the most important on my list, were, indeed, visited and money well spent.

Let me wow you with all that is MOOD!

It was pretty darn amazing –

I bought some Liberty of London fabric, a Mood bag and a few other piddly things.

Purl SoHo was just as exciting for me!

I bought MORE Liberty of London! (we just don’t carry it in St. Louis!)

My next trip, I’ll go see this lady –


I adventured, I ate great food, I saw (all that is) new york (check out my Instagram for more pictures…)

I walked and walked. (google maps is a lifesaver!) I heard many, so many, different languages, saw so many “types” of people. We would certainly not BE without all the difference among us.

Bright Blessings


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