Did you get to watch the eclipse this past Monday?? I had  made sure I had nothing planned that afternoon and my glasses were all ready to go – but at the same time, I was wondering if it was going to live up to all that hype I’d been hearing about for weeks.

It was amazing. amazing.

Jaia is already planning for the next one in 2024….. should I just hang on to these glasses? LOL!

“Eclipse viewing station” and oh gosh – Jaia and I in our glasses.

Jaia also made an old school viewing box and would go back and forth between the glasses and the box.

My pathetic attempt at getting “that shot” with my phone camera – I was putting the glasses over the lens.

I didn’t work.

Nonetheless – the real live view was spectacular and amazing and I really hope to see another one again someday –

Bright Blessing!


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