deep breaths

So this has been a crazy week or two for us – Schools are back in full swing, Row goes 5 days to community college (I still drop and pick her up)  and Jaia is taking classes (2 to be precise) at a local homeschool co-op. I’ve also signed her up for a filmmaking/video production class at another (farther away) school of arts.

I walked her to the  video production class this evening and there are 2 other children – boys.

This should be interesting.

Deep Breaths

I’m still dealing with some feminine issues that are causing me to cycle for weeks on end.

Try 7 weeks.

No test is coming up with answers and quite frankly – I’m at the end of my rope.

Deep Breaths

I’m having to “squeeze in” personal and yoga time during dance hours because that is simply just how busy we have been.

Deep Breaths

My Chiropractor re-scan results, the second after my car was rear ended, came back today. I still need to go weekly to the chiropractor.

Deep Breaths

Then there’s dance and work for Row.

Deep Breaths

Despite of all that I did manage to get in some sewing – (2 weeks ago)



I used Grainline Studio’s “Lark” pattern and knit jersey from Carolyn Friedlander’s Blake line.

I love it.  –  I may need to make another.

I have another pattern for Jaia picked out – this time with cotton – and I have the fabric ready – Now I just ned to trace the pattern off and find time to play in my sewing room.

Deep Breaths

Next week should be easier.

Bright Blessings



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