Men’s Fashion @ the Art Museum

So in my quest to not be so homebound (what was I thinking!) and to do more fun, out of the house things with Jaia this year for school – she and I went to the SLAM to see the “Men’s Fashion” exhibit that was in its last few days there.

I found it to be fascinating! Jaia was through the exhibit in about 20 minutes – but I took my time and read the plaques and really wanted to study the clothes and check the seams etc etc etc.. You know – stuff they frown upon at displays.

I think I took pictures of every outfit – but I’ll just share my faves.

Men’s swimming suits – and I like to think of these other outfits as “yuppy prep school wear”.

Mr. Darcy anyone?

The embroidery was exquisite!

My favorite though – the zoot suit – made for dancing!  (and Mr. Darcy’s out fit of course)

Jaia and I had a great time!  Joined the Art Museum as a member for the first time ever.  I love our art museum – it’s (mostly) FREE!!! –

Bright Blessings!


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