Month: October 2017


I’ve mentally started and restarted about thousand blog posts this week  – Some are bitchy and complaining and in others I’m showing all the sewing projects I’m working on. (okay the three I’m working on and only one of them I finished.) Those will be posts for another day of course. We are doing some […]


Hi – my name is Sarah

I’ve been struggling with this space for a while. I’d created it to be cutesy crafty place to show off my crafty side. A place for fond, happy, kid moments;  trying, in an unconscious way  to copy the format of some of my favorite blogs. The thing is. That’s not me. Well – me anymore. […]


It’s already October?

Hello Lovlies – This was supposed to go out last night – but my blog site was glitchy and wouldn’t save OR let me publish – It’s going out today instead – with a few additions. We are 10 days into October and I really cannot think where all the time has gone. My Halloween […]