Hi – my name is Sarah

I’ve been struggling with this space for a while. I’d created it to be cutesy crafty place to show off my crafty side. A place for fond, happy, kid moments;  trying, in an unconscious way  to copy the format of some of my favorite blogs.

The thing is.

That’s not me.

Well – me anymore.

My kids are almost “done” I like to say. At 14 and 19 I don’t parent as much as give advice or guide, (or bitch and moan as my oldest likes to think).  Sometimes yell.

One’s in COLLEGE!

Hell when did that happen??

I have a freshman in high school and a freshman at community college. I homeschool(ed)  both of them.

One has anxiety and the other over compensates and helps all the time around the house.

I cuss, I struggle, I gripe, I do yoga, I “pray” for growth. The personal kind.  I work in a fabric shop! I’m having weird, feminine health issues and I think I need to reclaim ME.

I drink wine, and Old Fashions and Manhattans.

I want to be skinner. But I’m not.

And I worry to much.

I love fall and to have the windows open all the time.

I really want a nicer back yard, but can’t seem to bring myself to do the work to make it happen.

Or maybe I simply need to create a new me.

I haven’t figured it out yet.

We don’t necessarily craft. But I love to sew and cook, and do a great many other things that I just don’t make time for – and a great portion of my days is chauffeuring my girls around.

This blog is growing and changing, and it probably will for a while. I think I need a less cutesy blog and a more “this is my life” blog. Bear with me? (Still with fond, happy, young adult memories?)

Hi – My name is Sarah




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