I’ve mentally started and restarted about thousand blog posts this week  – Some are bitchy and complaining and in others I’m showing all the sewing projects I’m working on. (okay the three I’m working on and only one of them I finished.)

Those will be posts for another day of course. We are doing some fun things among all the general living that’s going on.

I’m stressed out, driving all over the place, I feel like I do nothing but clean for unappreciative family members and BOTH of my girls are struggling to figure out life.

Being an introvert is HARD.

Being 14 is HARD.

Having anxiety is HARD.

It’s a difficult and shitty space for a momma to be in and I wish I could wave a wand, wiggle my nose, cross my arms and blink, and wrap everyone up in bubble wrap and MAKE IT ALL BETTER.

I’m trying to both appreciate the teen years knowing that in a few short years the girls may or will be on their own, and guide them through life in this day and age  – to give them the tools to cope with anxiety or introversion or “fitting in”, but I don’t know if I’m doing it right and who really knows that anyway huh???

but oh my gosh! I’m hitting that worn out spot again and I’m trying and needing to carve out time for me, to be me.

The holiday’s are just around the corner and I desperately need a vacation.

oiy –




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