I cannot believe that Halloween 2017 has come and gone already!  We are 2 short days into November, which means that the Huge midwest Irish Dance Competition – the Oireachtas – are QUICKLY approaching!  Jaia did not qualify for solos since she moved up in dance levels too close to the qualifier deadline – but she  is on a team of 8 dancers and is super excited to be experiencing  “the O’s” again this year. (goal – qualify for solos in 2018)

We had a great Halloween this year – Jaia and I went to a friends house so she could trick or treat with her friends. This year she decided she wanted to be Audrey Hepburn – an idea which I LOVED. I made her a pair of skinny pants and found a black t-shirt –  and well…


Doesn’t she look Mah-va-lous??

These are from CAID trunk or treat – no actual pictures from Halloween –

She’s loaded down with candy, now, for the next few weeks – She’s hoping to stretch it out! LOL! We’ll see about that though…

It’s bittersweet – she’s 14 now and although this year wasn’t the last one – it’s in the very near future.

Maybe we’ll have to move on to parties for teens – Oiy my.

Bright blessings!

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