November 16

I cannot believe it’s been 2 weeks since my last post! They’ve been a crazy, hectic fortnight – like always it seems in our lives 🙂 But someday I won’t be busy and then I’ll be bored and lonely. Perspective I tell ya.

Last week (Wednesday) I had a small “procedure” done – A Uterine Ablation    – basically – they fried the lining of my uterus.

This was not something I had ever imagined having done – but after bleeding for, literally, months at a time (3 this last cycle), I’d had enough and was going bat shit bonkers. Just imagine – changing a deva cup (or tampon) multiple times a day for 90 days! Some days not even wanting to venture out of the house because the bleeding was so severe. Needing a handy bathroom was imperative!

Hopefully this procedure will prevent the build up of “stuff” on my uterus lining – thereby causing me to NOT have periods anymore thereby NOT chancing hell bleeding for months on end again!

This all may be TMI – BUT I’m mentioning it again here, because I think, as women, we are conditioned to NOT talk about anything that happens with or around our uterus. I’m done with that.  I took half of last week super easy – and haven’t started yoga back up again – and last night I had my first glass of wine since the procedure!

So  I’ve begun to talk about my issues with other women and interestingly enough – I know a few who’ve had this same procedure! (or know someone etc..)

We are 8 days away from the Oireachtas and I have to say that I’m super happy Jaia is not dancing solos this year  (next year we’ll tackle that as PC). She’s been practicing weekly for the group dance she’s participating in and that’s enough for us this year.

Also, by only concentrating on the ceili or group dance this year – jaia is able to attend the teen dance party they have every year.  Parting occurs on Saturday night and solo dancing is on Sundays – NOT a good combination.

Tonight we went dress shopping – which – apparently – is a tiresome business –

Tuesday is our “O” party where the kids all trade spirit buddy posters and such – This year I’m making a CAID color zipper pouch –


I haven’t decided if the words/names (have been changed) are staying – but our dance school colors are pink and black – so there ya go .

Bright blessings!

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