The week leading up to the “O’s”

I always feel so privileged when I’m asked to sew something for the quilting shop where I work. I’m a big fan of doubting my sewing ability – but being asked to sew garments – even “city gym shorts” reminds me that I’M ACTUALLY A DECENT SEAMSTRESS! oiy – the self doubt!

The shorts are Purl Soho’s free city gym short pattern and the zipper pouch is my own pattern. I think they BOTH turned out super cute!!

Work in progress last week!

I have a shirt I’m working on for myself down on the sewing table right now – I just added the button holes so I simply need to add the buttons and hem the shirt and I’ll show you all my work! It’s just a wearable muslin – but I’m trying to practice sewing for myself more often.

We are 2 days away from the Mid America Oireachtas – and I cannot believe that 4 months ago we started this team adventure! The dance school had its annual pep rally last night and both Jaia and I had loads of fun –


This is only a portion of the kids – I prematurely took my picture  🙂 But with 81 kids there and their parents (or at the very least – the moms), there are no lack of picture on Social Media for me to see.  (trying to live in the moment!)


Everyone got a cute bag with their name on them – This may (or may not)  actually be  the first and only thing Jaia has ever had her name on! With names like Jaia and Rowan I can’t exactly go buy a keychain of the rack!

Each dancer was gifted a “spirit buddy” – someone to create a supportive, motivational, fun poster for (to take and hang in the hotel room) and then usually some sort of small gift is exchanged.

This the zipper pouch I made ( black and pink are the school’s colors) and we filled it with fun things – and “Oireachtas survival kit” if you will – an awesome coloring book from the dollar store,  silly toy, candy, markers and a word search book.

Jaia and I are heading out bright and early Friday Morning – Pictures next week!


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