It’s over!

Whew! Thanksgiving is over. The Oireachtas are over. Christmas/Yule is just around the corner.  This has been a relaxing week with only the “normal” amount of running around. Dance is down to one day a week (from 3) for the month of December.  The semester is almost over for Rowan.

I may not have to set my alarm for 6:00 am for a week or two.

Thanksgiving day was peaceful and laid back. Rowan cooked again for the 2nd or 3rd year in a row –

Turkey, green beans, dressing, mashed sweet potatoes, corn, balsamic and capered tomatoes  and  OF COURSE cherry pie and cranberry/chambourd cheese cake.

It was amazing!.

Later that evening, the girls and I went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens for their lights display with the rest of the family – I snuck this pic –


It’s fuzzy and blurry but you know what? They’re together.  In the PICTURE.  After wandering through the lights display on their own, arm in arm.

I love them.

Over the weekend then, J and I hit the road, all the way  to Schaumburg. For the Mid America Oireachtas.

It was loud. It was chaotic.  There was drama. There were tears both of sadness and exhilaration as girls (and guys) danced, played, placed or came in last.

IMG_1801 (1)

Watching awards.

Our team came in 29th out of 36. We were happy with that. They’d only had 12 practices and started out wobbly. But they had a fantastic time as a group, became friends and had a wonderful attitude and that’s all I asked as a parent. That’s all her teacher asked as well. (Winning is just a bonus to all this)


Our team.

Exhausted at the end of the day.

The party on Saturday after the LONG day of competition was the icing on the cake. Yes – Jaia wore sparkly tennis shoes – Maybe because her momma refused to buy the high-heals because what woman actually DANCES in them all evening??

Until next year Oireachtas…..

Bright Blessings

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