December 7th –

Well, It’s Thursday again – film class night for Jaia, work for Rowan, and a bit of time coordination and killing for me. I’ve begun to enjoy the 2 hours I sit and wait for jaia  – I’m using it as blog reading, research, and personal blogging time. Tonight one group is preparing for the play they are beginning tomorrow (trying on costumes, running around, dress rehearsal)  – It’s A Christmas Carol and Jaia’s group is filming it.

I honestly don’t know what happens to the film – I never did get to see the recording of the LAST play she helped film – oh well.

Christmas is just around the corner, and I’ve procrastinated on making the girls PJ pants long enough – I need to find another pattern, but it won’t take long once I get it. I’m also making pairs for my niece and nephew. I have a hard deadline for those though, I want to mail them out by the 15th so the littles can actually WEAR them for christmas eve.

I have been, however, practicing my quilting skills! It’s been over a year since I started at the quilt shop, so I figure it’s about time right??!  I decide to make doll quilts! A full size quilt is not quite my style – but I can make tiny ones!

A simple 2.5 inch stripe quilt and a 1/2 square triangle quilt! Those points do NOT quite add up – but not bad for my first try? (check my Etsy shop – I’m sure they’ll end up there soon)


I’m so pleased with the stripped one! The binding looks darn good!

We’ve been super busy this past week! Last Saturday was the Yule Ball – I took Jaia and a couple of friends –

Entry way and the qidditch course –

Lessons by Prof. Umbridge and  Jaia being sorted.

Snake building game, and tea with the Headmaster.

Story time and having our tea leaves read.

We had a blast and will definitely put it on next years to do list! They have 2 other Yule balls – one an adult only – which I’d love to go to but I’d need to talk hubby into going first!

The only glitch! was dinner! It was 4 courses, and I kid you not – our food was lukewarm at best and there were some courses that other tables had been finished eating before we even got ours. We sat down about 6:30 and probably weren’t served our first course until close to 8 – We left after dinner for donuts 🙂

because donuts –

I’m chalking this up to the fact that it was the first ever yule ball and they were working out the kinks for future balls.

Tuesday – Jaia and I were gifted tickets to go see the King and I at our “Fabulous Fox theatre!”  (passed along really  – my mother’s friend gave them to HER and she in turn, gave them to ME)

We enjoyed it: ) I’ve decided that we need to go see more musicals.

This should calm down soon right? Winter break and all??

Bright Blessings!


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