December 14

Last weekend Jaia filmed the play “a christmas carol” here at the school for the arts where she is currently taking the filming/editing/movie making(?) class – and where I’m currently sitting, waiting, while she’s in class, and watching the rehearsal of “a christmas carol” for this weekends performance.

I watched the play while she worked, which was pretty darn good – IMO – and whoever played Scrooge was fabulous (he’s probably 12 – got things going for him if this is his passion). I also watched jaia filming.

I love seeing my kids doing new things.

We’re less than 2 weeks away from christmas and plans are still being made and finalized. We’ve hosted breakfast AND dinner  for the past few years and I think hubby is ready to pass on that torch. I love the ease of not leaving my house at all on dec 25th, but cooking twice that day for two different crowds is wearing thin.  Although I still don’t want to leave my house in the AM and I know hubby doesn’t enjoy spending hours on end at my parents either.

It’s a shuffle I tell ya –

Next year it’s Florida. Or Paris.

I’m working on some sewing project this week – the PJ pants flannel has been purchased but it’s currently still sitting on the shelf, and instead I’ve been working on a secret project that I hope will be enjoyed!

No worries –

I still have a week.

Everyone is OFF next week – except for dance – there’s always dance –

And work – there’s ALWAYS work –

But I’ll have plenty of time to knock out those PJ pants. (the girls know they’re getting them – they get them every year)

Anyone else working on last minute projects? I probably will be until christmas eve.

Oh well.

That’s how it goes right?

Bright Blessings

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