January 2nd

Happy, Happy, 2nd day of January! I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing New Year’s Eve and day.

I, for one , didn’t even leave my house on the 1st. I stayed home and did some reorganization of my sewing area and worked on another Tea Cozy (and pattern)

I organized, I purged (see that pile of flannel!) I sewed –

My studio is Still a work in progress but it looks so much better than it did – Lighting is going on the list for this little corner of the house for me.  Tucked in the far reaches of the basement, stealing light from the ONLY window down there – My sewing room constantly sits in the shadows.

I made plans. I wrote lists (well A list).  (a LONG list)

Sewing plans

Etsy plans

blogging plans

organizing and purging plans

cleaning plans

plans for growth

weight loss plans

My husband and I talked finances ( a big deal for us).

I purged old paper work and made room for 2018 papers.

I watched Dr. Who.

In fact, I ended 2017 with a Dr. Who marathon – picking up watching  a show I used to watch ages ago. And I began 2018 with a mini marathon.

Jan 1st was also hubby’s birthday –


I bought the cake from Whole Foods but I made the steak and mashed tater dinner he requested.

It was just perfect.

ON to 2018 – may this year be happier, healthier, and calmer

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