Monday, January 8th

I’m obsessed with making tea cozies.

There I said it.

They are cute.  And Easy to whip up.

And did I mention cute?

I created my own pattern and made a few for Rowan for christmas. She’s my tea guru, so I felt she needed something to keep her steeping tea warm. Then I made a few more. And a few more.

I think these are going on my Etsy shoppe 🙂

The black and white one, Rowan requested, I’m giving it to her because it turned out a bit wonky and one should not eat chocolate when one sews.

Just saying.

Friday night Jaia and I went to our Science Center – the first Friday of every month they are opened late and they have a special program going on – there are science related talks – the solar system this time, local vendors, actors in costume and often times some sort of scavenger hunt/game for the younger kids. And a movie on the Omnimax screen.

Friday’s theme was Star Wars of corse.

How could it NOT be after the Last Jedi was released.

The Ewok was taller than I expected an Ewok to be 😉

Droids by the Droid making group. I kid you not.

There was also a 5 round trivia, and light saber sword training.

I had a blast – wish I could have stayed longer to participate in trivia – but there will be another.  Harry Potter is in a few months 🙂

Bright Blessings.

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