January 15

Do you ever have one of those days where you have a list of things that need to get done, but somehow, that list never gets touched? or even read?

The past few weeks have seemed like that for me. Between work, laziness, sickness, girl’s schedules – there are days when my list of blogging, sewing, cleaning, yoga, go ignored completely.

Goal starting mid way through January – stop that nonsense!

This morning I woke up early! made my to do list. got some awesome tea pot cozies listed on my etsy shoppe. (My Crafty Menagerie), finished putting the blocks together for Jaia’s quilt, sewed some of those blocks together, had a protein smoothie, got the fish out of the freezer for dinner, made the menu for the week, did 20 kettle bell swings and now. NOW! I’m sitting down to blog. It’s only 2:00 here and I feel like I’m on a roll!

On the list – 20 more kettle bell swings, dinner, dance and grocery shopping!

I’m finally feeling normal after 8 days of some yucky cold crud we all caught. Rowan was the last to fall and now is mid way through.

I started a new gig!! – an additional way to bring in some much needed cash to fund things like horses and irish dance. (I complain and kvetch, but in reality, I’m super happy my girls have had these passions. I firmly believe it promotes growth.)


I am helping a local quilter sew tops (of quilts) together – She’s mainly a t-shirt quilter but hey  – I can sew, at home, make extra $ and practice my skills! I’m enjoying it so far!

Bright Blessings!





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