January 22

Everyday I plan, sometimes mentally and sometimes on paper,  and every day the hours get fewer and fewer while my task list seems to get longer and longer.

I began a sewing job – one I can do from home, and one that will hopefully allow us to save up for fun ticket items like a new sewing machine OR vacation.  (Europe is my 45th birthday bucket list – 3 more years to save!)

I’m assembling T-shirt quilts at home, and I love the job really – I can sew during the hours I feel I can spare.  I’m slow now, starting out, learning how to utilize that walking foot, but I know I’ll speed up with time and practice.

My struggle is coming from how to balance it all now. Homeschooling hours are not affected since Jaia can sit and finish her work while I sew – but I’m struggling where to fit in the time for me.  I’ll carve them out somewhere – there is alway an adjustment, a learning curve, a balancing act, when something new is added to an already full-ish schedule.  I squeeze in blogging time while jaia is busy with one of her activities. I find I enjoy the solitude and peace for each block of time I’m given.

Slowly but surely, with each quilt (I’m on number 5 now), I am developing a system that works for me.  The walking foot and I are coming to peace.

It’s really, officially only the 2nd full week of sewing for me! I’m sure as time goes on it will go faster and smoother and all will fall gently into place!


Oh when to squeeze in time for sewing for me!

A Mystery quilt!?  I still haven’t purchased fabric for this yet – and wizzarding robes for 18 inch dolls – because why not??

Do you struggle with planning and fitting all things in during daylight hours? How do you deal?

Bright Blessings!

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