February 9

This past week (and last week too) has been a busy flurry of activity. We had SOMETHING going on each and every day – homeschool classes that are arranged that people like to get off their plate early in the semester, work of course, and our normal school and dance classes –  ALL the while trying to stay caught up with my sewing at home gig of piecing together t-shirt quilts. (three last week)

It’s when my normal, at home, sewing, down time, days are filled, that my exhaustion level increases.

Don’t get me wrong! They were awesome classes – just makes for an exhausting week.

Monday, we toured the Rep Theatre – at a local college – http://www.repstl.org

Our favorite part was the costuming department – no pictures there to protect costume designs and prototypes. But WOW! Seriously makes me want to go back to college and finish a degree in costume design.

But first breakfast while Jaia and I killed the hour between dropping R off at her new place of employment and the tour a block away .

I found a new place – It was awesome.

A doctor’s check up for moi  and dance rounded out our Monday.

The rest of the week went by in a blur – Classy lit for Jaia (Animal Farm), dance, private lessons, work –  oiy the list goes on. By Thursday I was beat and I had a hair appointment I’d made months ago.  It’s not so easy to just simply cancel and reschedule curly hair cuts – so jaia skipped her morning classes, I dropped her early to her afternoon classes and I grabbed a few hours alone.


More yummies and reading the “times” magazine – trying to learn more about politics to stay on top of the nastiness going on in our country today.

I’m seriously considering doing a coffee shop tour post —

In between all the running – I’ve been sewing. Sewing men’s t-shirt/business shirt quilt – (NOT CUTE so no  pictures ) but also trying to squeeze in some personal block practicing –

I’m getting better huh?!?! I’ve decided to completely make up the quilt I’m creating for Jaia- we’ll see how it goes.

Bright Blessings!


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