Whew! The past few weeks have flown by! I can’t believe that tomorrow begins MARCH. It’s Irish Dancing season for us – you know the irish are a “wee” bit into St. Patrick’s day – I don’t know how much heritage  I can lay claim to, about this party holiday, but you know, we dance…… we participate….. we eat corned beef (if someone else makes it). It is what it is.  SOMEWHERE in there is a sliver of Irish-ness.

These past few weeks  – We celebrated Valentine’s day –


Because that’s how we roll in our house….

Rowan’s V-day gifts  – Candles, chocolate and piping supplies-

Jaia’s goodies – Audrey and office supplies – oiy –

I celebrated a birthday – with some awesome sushi! So good my daughter took a friend the next evening! (sorry no pics!)

IMG_2237 (1)

BUT I got a gift card from my mom!

We Feised – (welllllll – jaia feised – I schlepped.

Practice  – then day one and two sneaky pics. She did an awesome job dancing against those girls who’ve been in this position longer than she. She’s only been PC since September –  learned the new steps in January and some of the girls are going on their second and third year as PC. She didn’t come in last! And according to her momma – she looked fantastic!

Then ice-cream after like always –

Friends tagged along.

And last but not least – I flew down to meet my husband in Arizona after a business gathering…

I’d never been and seeing the drastic change in scenery from Missouri green to Arizona (not so) green was amazing!

And the CACTUS!

It was a fantastic trip – only 2 days though – so entirely not long enough to really explore Arizona   –

Guess we’re gonna have to go back!

Bright Blessings!

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