Daisy dog

For the first time in what seems like forever – My hubby is traveling for a few days. The house is silent, the TV is not blaring, the girls are not out of their rooms yet. This is my favorite time. The early morning hours when all is silent.

When hubby is home, I hang out in the bedroom to avoid the constant TV noise; but today I’m enjoying the silence of the living room.

I’m also on doggy death watch.  Our old girl is pushing 16 years old. She’s been member of this household longer than Jaia has.  Her back legs can barely hold her up when she walks and let her down completely when she tries to go to the bathroom. She’s not eating the homemade dog food we’ve been making for her. Not eating eggs, cheese, anything. She did eat chicken fingers the other day, but refused the hamburger I’d brought home for her yesterday.

She’s telling us it’s time.

I think I’ve come to terms with it.

Until next week – Bright Blessings

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