We celebrated 2 birthdays last week – One turned 15! and the other – 20!

We celebrated Jaia with Mexican food and tons o’ presents. If you can believe it – this 5’5″ girl was 1lb 15 oz at birth. Came out fighting and full of spunk. Our micro preemie, born 15 years ago on a Saturday on what was supposed to be her big sister’s birthday party day (and lemme tell ya – Rowan remembers)

My biggest turned 20 the next day! But no pictures of Rowan – she was flipping me off in each one – grrrr.

We celebrated Rowan with tons of gifts and oven fired pizza! Totally worth the 40 minute drive from our house! Rowan was born 4 weeks early via c-section but came out a wee bit more laid back than her sister. On a Monday afternoon – after a full day of work. She surprised us by being sideways or upside down and 4 weeks early – just shy of 5 lbs.

Both girls are awesome.

Bright Blessings –


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